5 Best Places To See in Mt. Vernon, VA

Your Virginia tour will not be complete unless you visit the remarkable and diverse community of Mt. Vernon.

What actually makes Mt. Vernon special? It was an adopted hometown of the legendary George Washington–the first president of the United States–as there were lots of events that took place at Mt. Vernon of which he was part of. Thus, the community is most famous for its historic aspect among visitors.

Of course, you will get the chance to tour around the former estate of George Washington. In fact, it was developed into a museum, which keeps meaningful documents and other memorabilia of some of the most-esteemed personas in the history of America.

Once you’re in the museum, you can take a look around the farm, gardens and most especially, the final resting place of the former president. Quite an interesting part of the past, right? Well, there’s more that Mt. Vernon can tell you about and can show you. You can’t miss the following 5 best places on your itinerary:

1. Woodlawn & Frank Lloyd Wright’s Pope-Leighey House

See you for yourself the one-of-a-kind architectural masterpieces of Woodlawn & Frank Lloyd Wright’s Pope-Leighey House.

Yet, the beauty of the two structures is not only for show. It can be rented both for luxurious and casual events such as weddings, birthday parties, group dinners, etc.

Group tours and school tours are also available which you would be required to make a reservation in advance.

2. George Washington’s Grist Mill

Go back in time and experience firsthand how people make whiskey, as well as the processing of flour and cornmeal production in the past.

Make sure to visit the 18th-century George Washington’s Grist Mill. There will be distillers and millers who will do demonstrations of the traditional processes. You can’t afford not to take a peek of the country’s only authentic distillery.

3. Mount Vernon Trail

After a little exploration of Mt. Vernon’s past, why don’t you indulge yourself in its scenic view of nature. Yes, it’s time to relax and fully savor your vacation.

You can take a stroll, run, or ride a bicycle on Mount Vernon Trail, which offers an 18-mile conveniently paved way. The trail passes from George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate to Theodore Roosevelt Island. You can surely have a full and glorious views of the Washington, D.C.’s apparent horizon.

The other good thing is, there are restrooms, trash cans, and water fountains along the way. So, your basic needs are basically supported. If you want a guided tour, there are ranger programs available. You just need to make a request in advance.

Moreover, be aware of some rules and regulations to avoid any hassle and to avoid ruining your perfect getaway.

4. Grist Mill Park

Bring out your picnic stuff and begin a good time with your loved ones at Grist Mill Park. The place is literally for everyone as there are designated parts for sports, a large playground for your little ones, and some shaded places for those who want to enjoy alone time. It’s a total 75-acre of outdoor bliss complete with nature and entertainment.

Kids can choose from numerous slides including straight, bumpy, tunnel, and twisted. If you want to have a little action in the park, there are fields for soccer, football, and baseball, a stadium with seating, and two basketball courts.

Other facilities are hiking and biking trails, and a dog park.

5. Huntley Meadows Park

Just a short drive from Mount Vernon, and you will reach the delightful Huntley Meadows Park in Alexandria, Virginia.

Huntley Meadows Park offers you a surprising fusion of history and nature. It is home to a nationally recognized historic house, meadows and wetlands, and forests which are habitat for wildlife present in the park.

The park has designated areas for events. So, you can definitely choose it as a venue for birthday parties, weddings, and other group gatherings. Other programs available are camps and classes, field trips, wildlife watching, scouts, and bird watching.

Now, you can plan your Mt. Vernon travel well. Enjoy every minute of it and create more memories with your loved ones.

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