5 Primary Steps You Should Take in Bathroom Remodel

You must be fully equipped when going to war. Thus, the best weapon when starting your bathroom remodeling is to take the important first steps. Doing so will give you a good foundation all throughout the process, from designing to construction. It’s not that renovation is a warlike activity, it’s just that–it needs cautious and detailed planning to finish up with a favorable result.

But before anything else, paint a clear picture in your mind the overall look you would want for your bath space. You can also list down the specific changes you want to happen. Then, you can use all of those as you begin a challenging yet fulfilling journey of revamping your bathroom.

Here are suggested 5 primary steps you have to go through during your bath remodel:

1. Evaluate the status of your bathroom

Take a look closely at every element, such as the toilet, vanity, storage, shower, tub, fixtures, and flooring. Determine what’s not working anymore when it comes to style and function. Or maybe it’s time levelling up by turning your bath into a tech haven and a luxury area.

You may want to replace your old tub with a more convenient walk-in tub. A seamless glass, shower cubicle is a great idea as well because it is quite the trend these days. How about a little upgrade to your bathroom fixture technology to complement your modern lifestyle? You might want to consider removing one element to add more space and walk around your bath space freely.

2. Evaluate the needs of others you’re living with

Do you have kids, an elderly, or a handicapped member in the house? As you know, bathroom is wet and moist most of the time, which makes it a prone-area of slips and falls. Hence, you must consider their physical and mental incapability when thinking of bath remodel. You can ask your expert remodeling partner for appropriate safety features such as grab bars, slip-resistant flooring materials, and easily accessible bathtub.

3. Measure the spatial size of your bathroom and other specific areas

Taking measurements might not be as thrilling as planning the design of your bathroom, but it’s a very crucial task, that you must get dimensions as accurate as you can. Surely, your remodeling partner can do it for you. You should also take note of the plumbing and electrical wiring tracks. Your expert remodeling partner will use the record as a guide to draft a plan thoroughly and provide an estimated quotation of the materials to be used with the cost.

4. Make up a final layout and design decision

When talking about layout and design, you can definitely integrate your own preferences into the overall atmosphere you want to achieve and just compromise with your expert remodeling partner later on. Choose the color scheme, new storage cabinets, and new fixtures. Then plan the location of every element in a way that the space is fully maximized and not restricting.

5. Finalize your budget allocation

How much are you willing to spend for your bath remodel? If you don’t have any idea yet, you can consult a remodeling near you suggesting the layout and design you have in mind. They will surely give you different estimates, according to the various possible designs and materials to be applied. Then, you can add, replace, or totally remove one or two elements if the cost is more than you can handle.

Are you now ready to involve yourself into an exciting war of bath remodel? Make sure to streamline the things you should do and arrive with the best results.

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