Bathroom Remodel: 4 Tricks To Pull Off A Small Minimalist

Minimalism is the new trend for modern living which is mostly perceived as living alone or living in a convenient small space. This could be categorized as a condo or an apartment residence.

At first, you’ll think that integrating a minimalist style in your bathroom and in the other part of your home is a straightforward job. Well, it’s a little undemanding, but still needs a lot of considerations to be achieved almost accurately

Are you ready to apply tricks valuable for a successful minimalist bathroom remodel? Here are some helpful ideas you can follow:

1. Simplicity is the key

Simplicity sounds straightforward, isn’t it? A simple design and layout is crucial for a small bathroom. This tells the intention to eliminate too much compartments and borders such as a shower enclosure or a cubicle because it will only cramp up the space.

What is the trick then? Plan an open space layout with enough allocated area for storage, a vanity, toilet, shower, and lavatory. If you badly want to put up a shower cubicle, you can use a clear glass enclosure to create a visual illusion of a capacious bath.

2. Use a space-wise setup of bathroom elements

Can the setup really change the spatial factor of your space? There are different tricks on where to put your vanity, what are the elements to install, etc. in order to make your bathroom look spacious.

You can install a corner sink adjacent to the wall where the toilet is and can put a mirror above it. If a shower glass enclosure will not work, hang a shower curtain with big patterns. A floating vanity also works as it empties a little space below. Where to hang your towels? It’s easy. Mount a towel bar on the door.

3. Making the most out of simplicity

Since minimalism is better started off with a simple design, you should complement it with clean colors of nature. Will it still appear modish? If you do it correctly and professionally, you definitely can. You can easily apply this concept to the bathroom walls. You can choose among organic-looking tiles and stones such as marble, wood tiles, cracked cement, and travertine.

4. Adequate lighting gives a huge impact

Haven’t you noticed that a space is more cramped and unpleasant when the lighting is dark? In remodeling your small bathroom, paying attention to lighting techniques is crucial. In fact, it could make or break your goal of a “small yet roomy” bathroom transformation.

Wouldn’t you want an airy space? Surely, you are. You may already have an ample supply of brightness, but you can do more to make the most out of it. You can use wall materials that enable light to bounce such as high gloss acrylic panels and laminated wall panels.

Does adding a window a great idea? It is, natural light is actually the best option, but you should consider the details such as the size, the material, the distance from the ceiling and the floor.

The list of techniques does not end here. You can always explore on your own and consult an expert bathroom remodel near you for other effective ways to turn your mini bathroom into a simple luxury.

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