Consider a Coastal-Inspired Bathroom for Your Next Bathroom Renovation Project

Do you need inspiration for your next bathroom renovation project? Here’s an idea: Why not bring the sea’s healing touch into your bathroom’s interiors?

This distinct design will add personality to your home, especially if you live near a coastal or lake area.

These coastal-themed bathrooms feature seaside and ocean life themes, such as seashell decorations and splashes of blue. It provides a unique take on a home’s bathroom yet providing a soothing atmosphere as one enjoys their Me time.

Here are our suggestions on how you can add a touch of the ocean when you start your bathroom renovation:

Take Inspiration from the Seas of Greece

You can take inspiration from crystal blue seas of Greece and the beautiful colors that surround its seabed. Add in these colors to the design and color scheme of your bathroom, giving your bathroom interiors a serene and distinct look.

What Should Be the Color Scheme?

You can put together different tones of blue and green, so you have a harmonious color scheme that resembles the beauty of the ocean. It also gives off a warm summer feel. Start with a dark shade of indigo on the bath, and then a mix of brighter blue and jade on both the wood paneling and furniture. For the upper walls, you can paint it with soft aqua and use a lighter shade for the top half of the room. This will definitely set a refreshing atmosphere in your home’s bathroom.

Wall Paneling for Your Bathroom Renovation

Wall paneling creates a warmer and more natural feel than tiled walls. It is also widely used in country-style interiors. You can have the boards placed edge to edge together, providing a versatile wall covering that can be decorated in seashells or any ornament that fits your coastal theme.

Your Bathtub

Go for an old-fashioned roll-top bath as your centerpiece. If you’re the type of person who likes taking their time in the bathtub, this is the perfect tub for you as its curve design lets you enjoy the warmth of your bath longer.

The Perfect Furniture That Fit Well with Your Coastal-Themed Bathroom

Have your furniture match your bathroom’s backsplash by painting with the same hues of blue and green. Sand down the wood, or use a multi-surface primer if it’s already painted or varnished. Then, apply gloss or a satin-finish color. You can then add in a coat of varnish as protection against splashes of water.

If you want to be a little extra with your furniture, you can even add in a simple chest to store bathroom items. You can look for a second-hand one then modify it by painting it green. You can even add a new wooden drawer knob as one of its finishing touches.

This distinct theme will definitely add personality to your home as you display your love for the ocean. Not only that, the hues of blue that surround your walls give off a serene atmosphere within your bathroom, making it the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long day.

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