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Located between Washington, D.C., and Baltimore near the Patuxent River in Laurel, Maryland. Sometimes bigger is not always better. Some cities may lack in size but they make it up with the flourishing commercial shops that run through its center. During the early 19th century it started as a mill town which then expanded due to the coming of Baltimore & Ohio Railroad.

Laurel, Maryland today is largely residential. If you’re living in the area and looking for bathroom wall cabinets then you should try Alexandria Kitchen and Bath. They will certainly be a big help if you’re looking for a certain style, selection and value for your home.

Why have an upgrade on your bathroom wall cabinets?

Are you tired of the same old, boring looking bathroom wall cabinets Laurel, Maryland? Are you looking for something different? Are you looking for more exclusive and unique cabinets for your bathroom? The right bathroom wall cabinets can add a unique feel to your space.

Whether you are renovating your washroom or simply looking for a fresh addition to your space, there are a number of things to consider when selecting furniture for your bathroom. For bathrooms that lack floor space, wall-mounted cabinets help enhance your space without taking up much-needed surface area and add a stylish touch to any washroom. What piece of furniture fits the architecture and style of your space? Alexandria Kitchen and Bath offers useful advice to help you out as you pick your new bathroom wall cabinets.

Below are just some questions that Alexandria Kitchen and Bath would like to ask you?

-What is your wood and door style preference?
-What is your construction preference?
-How long is your project timeline?

Who Are Alexandria Kitchen and Bath?

We are one of the most widely used and trusted brands when it comes to fine cabinetry today. Our products reflect quality but with an eye for affordability. Finishes, interiors, and hardware? We all have that in mind plus a great style.

Feel Finished, Functional and Fabulous with Our Bathroom Wall Cabinets

Remarkable bathroom wall cabinets make a room feel finished, functional and fabulous. They can be used as a decorative addition to any washroom, as well as for storing smaller toiletries. The bigger sizes can be used to store a wide range of bathroom essentials while also adding a sleek visual touch to any washroom. Improve your bathroom storage space by considering what type of cabinet would work best in your space, based on size and design.

Alexandria Kitchen and Bath have the elegance, collection and worth you need to bring your vision of the right bathroom wall cabinets to life. With many solid years of craftsmanship, dedication, thoughtful design, and dependability behind us, we know how to keep your project on time. Whether you’re updating an existing bathroom or creating a new one, we’ll deliver quality, affordable bathroom wall cabinets that will stand the test of time.

Visit us at 1502 King Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22314 or call (703) 549-1415 first for an appointment.

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