Add Color to Your Contemporary Kitchen: Our Expert Advice on Wall Colors

Although a contemporary kitchen is simple, it doesn’t mean it should be boring. What’s great about having a contemporary kitchen is that you can incorporate simple, yet bold elements that will give your kitchen more life.

Being in the business of renovating and constructing contemporary kitchens for years, our professionals at Alexandria Kitchen & Bath Studio offer their advice on the types of paint you can add to your kitchen space to make it the cooking haven of your dreams.

Before we begin with our list, we’d also like to warn you that you should avoid specialty paints for your kitchen.


Since your kitchen has more traffic and activity, they are not advisable because it’s not suitable for rooms that are high in moisture.

Now, let’s get to the fun bit. Here are some of our suggestions to bring the four walls of your kitchen to life:

1. Stripes

Now, we’re not telling you to go crazy on the stripes. Of course, we suggest that you use neutral hues to set a more stylish yet subdued tone for your contemporary kitchen. Stripes can amplify but do not distract kitchens where the fabrics and kitchen utensils are in the front.

Know that by using neutral colors, it will be easier for your contemporary kitchen to pull off a new look whenever you try to switch up your decorations into something new. To counter the emphasis on the stripes, you can use unfinished wood cabinets in your kitchen that are washed with diluted paint. This presents a more subtle color and shows the grain on the wood.

2. Hand-Painted Vines

Have a more vibrant breakfast setting when you get hand-painted vines for your kitchen’s interior. It gives your contemporary kitchen a more unique look with its hand-painted curvy vines and flowers. With this, you can add in china, glassware, and your collection of pottery to give the interior of your kitchen space a more light-hearted design.

3. Faux-Painting

Want to go out of the box when painting your kitchen’s walls? Why not turn an ordinary wall into a harmonious backdrop for country style furniture and collectible? You can achieve this when you first paint the wall with rose color, then, once you’ve established a grid pattern, you can sponge four coordinating, but visibly contrasting colors.

Of course, this may take some patience and creativity to complete, but the results will definitely be worth it. The classic harlequin pattern will instantly add life and movement to your kitchen.

4. Blue

Keep it classy and simple by having your kitchen walls painted blue. When you use lighter hues for your contemporary kitchen, it gives an ethereal quality to your kitchen space. The popular hues that homeowners and designers usually opt for are aqua, cobalt, and turquoise.

These colors can make your kitchen design look striking and sophisticated, giving you the modern look you’ve always wanted in your kitchen.

Do you want to know our other suggestions for your contemporary kitchen? Of course, we don’t only stop at three. There’s plenty more we can suggest to you when you contact us for a meeting. Let our experts help you find the right color for the four walls of your dream kitchen.

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