Fort Hunt Park, Alexandria, VA

Parks are popular weekend destinations. That’s why it is no surprise that every end of the week, Fort Hunt Park in Alexandria is flocked by both local residents and tourists.

The park runs along the shores of the Potomac River and extends across Virginia hills growing mature trees, diverse type of plants, and wild animals. It was once a farmland owned by no other than, George Washington before it became a fort during the Spanish-American war.

If you’re coming with your kids, let them explore the ruins of Fort Hunt from afar (for safety purposes) and see the old Spanish-American War batteries.

The rich history of Fort Hunt Park…

It was originally part of George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate.The batteries you can see at the park were once used to defend the Potomac River during the Spanish-American war.

Also, during the Great Depression, the Civilian Conservation Corps camped there. Lastly, during World War II, it is where the soldiers at Fort Hunt interrogated prisoners, trained pilots, and go through German documents for intelligence.

A place both for relaxation and adventure…

Thanks to the Civilian Conservation Corps who built the shaded trails where you can surely have a pleasant walk. The trail has a one lane of the paved road, especially designated for bicyclists, walkers, and joggers.

If you’re coming with the whole family or even with friends, you can use the large fields to play some sports and other exciting outdoor activities. There are also three softball diamonds available. Yet, kindly take note that during the months of April to October, the areas should be reserved since those are linked with picnic pavilions.

Moreover, during the months of June, July, and August, you can watch concerts on Sunday evenings while enjoying the fresh night breeze.

If you want to explore and know more about Fort Hunt Park, you can schedule a tour with the park’s ranger-led programs.

“Park” and “picnic” always come together…

During the months of April all the way to October, there are designated areas for picnic activities. You just need to make a reservation to make sure you’ll have a good spot. But, if it is impossible to do so, do your best to come as early as possible since the park has a picnic area available for a first come, first served basis.

Fort Hunt Park’s facilities for convenience…

The park is complete with public restrooms, trash cans, and water fountains which are always open to the public. There are also, parking areas, picnic tables, softball fields, telephone booth, and a mini playground.

Before you got to Fort Hunt Park, you might want to check if there are any scheduled events and most especially–the weather. A little rain might not really a big problem, but a visit at a park is most memorable when spent outdoors.

You should spend a great time with great people in a great place like Fort Hunt Park–your lover, your travel buddy, some friends, colleagues, or family–and make sure to make the most out of the moment.

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