How To Prepare Your Home For a Kitchen Renovation

So, you have finally decided. It’s now or never as the kitchen renovation project you have been planning for ages is finally getting its first step.But when you begin a kitchen renovation project, you know you are in for some inconvenience.

Although an experienced renovation contractor will minimize the mess, you’ll still be without the use of your kitchen while your project is underway. However, you as a homeowner can do a few things to make the project work smoothly.

First, you need to have your expectations in line with reality. In other words, know your kitchen renovation project will be a mass of dust, noise and strangers in your very home. If you know what to expect, chances are you won’t be so overwhelmed.

From the very beginning, talk with your contractor so you will have a concrete timetable of how long the kitchen renovation will take. Find out how many workers will in your home for a duration of time. You should have met with your contractor to discuss all the restrictions of your project and contract. Once the kitchen renovation begins, you will be prepared for anything that comes. One of the best ways to lessen stress connected with any house remodeling project is to cover all the bases of your project issues before a single work has been started.

Below are some guidelines of what you need to discuss with your kitchen renovation contractor:

-There should be a concrete job site rule established between you and your remodeling contractor.This includes worker behavior, smoking rules and regulations,protective gear, workers’ portable bathroom and clean-up arrangements.

-There must be an established work schedule. What time should the workers show up every day? How long will they work on the kitchen renovation each day? Will there be a separate entrance for accessing the work area? How and where will all the materials and equipment be kept and stored?

-You and your contractor must engage in dust control practices. Dust is often the most annoying part of any kitchen renovation. It’s one of the parts of the project that can’t easily be eliminated. But having an experienced contractor will help you alleviate dust in your home. This can be done by sealing off the area with a sheet of plastic. Creating a worker’s entrance and exit will allow the dust not to creep outside into the surrounding areas.Cleaning the work area should be done often to remove the fine dust that manages to find its way into the other areas of the house.

After you have come to terms with your contractor to prepare your project, you then have to keep everyone safe in the environment. This makes them efficiently in their work load.

Lastly,make sure your kids and pets are kept safe during the construction. Depending on the scope of the project, there are a lot of dangerous equipment that are being operated. This includes power tools, lumber, and a lot of electrical wiring.Your kitchen won’t be functional during the kitchen renovation, so you need to have an alternative area for you to prepare your meals and store kitchen items.

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