How To Pull Off A Contemporary Kitchen Setting

What is your ideal kitchen? You must have one or two ideas in mind out of all the many styles available such as contemporary, modern, mid-century, traditional, rustic, country style, Mediterranean, coastal-inspired, and more.

Have you considered having a sleek, contemporary kitchen? Well, you might want to put up a streamlined and highly functional space. Also, it is quite among the hottest kitchen design trends nowadays.

What really is a contemporary kitchen? What elements and principles should be integrated? Working with a professional remodeler would surely make things easy. But you have to have a firsthand handling of your project to keep track of everything that’s happening. Thus, it’s still better to know what a contemporary setting requires.

You can usually find a touch of simplified surfaces inspired from modern design combined with some traditional ideas.

Here are some elements you would need to pull off that contemporary kitchen setting:

1. Clutter-free and sleek

The highlight of a contemporary kitchen is its open and sleek concept which is often classified by clean lines, crisp edges, and neutral hues. You can integrate these features for your cabinets and kitchen ornaments such as appliances and shelves with angular borders or countertop lights with straight lines. Using light-reflecting glass tiles is also one trick to give your kitchen space a sense of consistency.

2. Contemporary color palette

It would be exciting to choose the shades for your contemporary kitchen remodel since you have a wide range of selection. You can pick among the neutral tones of gray, leather, white, blue, ebony, steel, honed slate, honey, and cherry red. If you want to go bold, you are free to harmonize neutrals with warm colors such as red, goldenrod, modern red-orange, and poppy orange. Try to match what colors to use for the countertops, backsplash, cabinetry, lighting fixture, flooring, furnitures, appliances.

3. Contemporary kitchen comes in various styles, namely; casual contemporary, urban contemporary, and European Contemporary.

Casual contemporary is a style focused on creating a light and bright kitchen. It uses softer lines while keeping a sleek design in an informal setting.

Urban contemporary achieves a modern chic look by employing urban materials such as stainless steel, glass, and concrete.

European contemporary is a carefree style that uses bold colors and patterns, and does not settle with small-sized floor tiles.

4. Specific elements of a contemporary kitchen

Going into details can be very relevant to your contemporary kitchen remodel. Thus, you should pay attention in understanding the specific elements. Here are some of those:

Full flat-surfaced cabinets

Cabinetry takes a huge impact in setting up the overall ambience of a space. For a contemporary style, overlay cabinet is the best match which is defined by the absence of door frames and only simple lines are visible.

Modern appliances

Contemporary kitchens, mostly use stainless steel appliances such as for stoves, cooktops, ovens, and dishwashers because of their geometric attributes.

Simple and natural-looking hardware

Another major point of a contemporary kitchen is the use of natural elements such as wood, stone, and glass.

Have you already made up your mind what to ideas to include in your contemporary kitchen remodel planning? No need to rush and just take your time familiarizing the required elements. Also, don’t hesitate to get assistance from an expert remodeling firm.

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