Jones Point Park Alexandria: Not Your Ordinary Park

Virginia is home to some of the most famous and most-visited parks in the nation. Therefore, it would be a shame not to visit some of these beauties in Alexandria. Besides, park-hopping is not really a bad idea when you are vacationing. It would be very exciting to see what the next park has to offer and the different exciting things you can do. With this, you should spend a good time at Jones Point Park, which is just located on the Potomac River.

Jones Point Park is “not your ordinary park”

Unlike some parks that people mostly go to, Jones Point Park was not just a place for relaxation, picnic, or play outdoor games. It once played a huge national role in the past as it was one of the largest and busiest centers for transportation, shipping, and manufacturing. It has a lighthouse which was built in 1855 and the only remaining lighthouse in Virginia.

Jones Point Park just “like your usual park” Even though it once took part in the hustle and bustle of economic activities, Jones Point Park is now a beaut, especially for families, friends, and lovers who want a quick and quiet solitude.

For picnic activities and other chills out, the park has garden plots which you can reserve in advance. If you want to go fishing, there are two piers available for the public. Also, there’s a canoe launch to easily access the Potomac River.

For recreational activities, the park has playgrounds and basketball courts, which can be used on a first come, first served basis. Which only means that you should come as early as possible to get the most out of your visit.

What are the facilities available?

The park offers various facilities for the convenience of the visitors. It has restrooms, water fountains, trash cans, limited picnic tables all over the park, and dog drinking bowls under the bridge.

Rules and regulations are obviously important, especially in a public place like the Jones Point Park. You might want to go through some of those: Since the park is located very near the Potomac River, you might think that it is only right to go into the water. Well, the authority strictly prohibits swimming and wading.

Your pet is already a family, and you can definitely bring them during your rest at the park. Yet, make certain to put on a leash which is not over six feet in length since there are no off-leash areas in the park, and is responsible for disposing of the waste in a trash can.

If your main purpose in the park is to go fishing, bring with you an appropriate license permitting that you can do such activity in a specific territory.

You can only use the canoe launch for launching, and canoe and kayak recovery. Therefore, you can’t dock boats.

The list of rules and regulations does not end here. Ensure to at least familiarize all of them before you go to the park to avoid any hassle.

Coming to Jones Point Park is something you’ll not regret, but cherish instead.

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