Dream Makers of Kitchen Cabinets In Alexandria,Virginia

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When you are searching for makers of kitchen cabinets in Alexandria,Virginia, you need to look for professionals who will recognize that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Let’s admit it! Over the past few decades the kitchen has slowly transformed into the center of the home. It’s no longer about preparing and cooking meals for family and friends. The room has become a place to enjoy delicious food with people you love.

However, this saying will only ring true if you actually want to spend time in your kitchen. An overhaul makes great sense especially as it will turn the kitchen to be the hub of the home. You want to have something nice to look at while you’re in there rummaging the fridge at 3 am…right? The problem is that most homes have the swankiest electronic appliances but when it comes to kitchen cabinets…it all looks very wrong!

What Should You Look For a Professional Here In Alexandria,Virginia?

Upgrading your kitchen cabinets will enhance the look and feel of your home. They offer workability, enlarged design, and a raised-up atmosphere. Installing customized kitchen cabinets will go a long way in adding a personal touch to the area. As suggested, if your appliances and kitchen work space are either traditional or modern, then you might as well incorporate kitchen cabinets that will match their style.

This is where your dream builder will help you in determining the type of cabinet that is best for the room. Kitchen design is a complicated process and it can overwhelm any homeowner. Always have a professional with an extensive knowledge of designs to assist you in choosing the right kitchen cabinets.

Hire Alexandria Kitchen and Bath for your kitchen cabinetry needs in Alexandria,Virginia

Kitchen cabinets are the most visible parts of the kitchen. You would want a furniture that is timeless and delightfully pleasing to look for many years to come. Alexandria Kitchen and Bath’s design specialist will help you determine which type of cabinet will work best for your new home. That’s what they are there for! The more you learn about kitchen design, the more complicated and overwhelming it can be. Our kitchen designer will use their extensive knowledge of the numerous kitchen design choices out there to help you choose cabinets and other kitchen features that will work together well.

What is Alexandria Kitchen and Bath’s process?

The Planning Session Via An Initial Visit at Our Alexandria,Virginia Showroom

When you visit our showroom, you will be paired with a design specialist for a consultation. It’s best that you can bring along recent photos of your space as we discuss your goals for the remodel.

Our Experts Will Then Proceed with A Home Survey

We will then have a complete survey which includes taking measurements and searching for any issues that may need to be resolved into the project. Remember, the more information we have on the area, the more detailed and precise the complete design will be created.

Your Approval on The Final Design

Upon your approval, we will give the final design that includes every aspect of your remodel. We will also provide the written proposal for stipulatory obligations.

The Installation Process

We follow an efficient timeline from the beginning up to the end. This is also when the sledgehammers start swinging on your old kitchen cabinets. Finish construction is when all new products are installed in the kitchen. This is the final, and perhaps most satisfying, phase of the kitchen remodeling process.

Alexandria Kitchen and Bath is Beyond Kitchen Cabinets

While our primary focus is your kitchen and/or bathroom, we can also accommodate cabinetry needs throughout your home. Visit us at 1502 King Street, Alexandria , Virginia or you can book at appointment at (703) 549-1419.

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