Kitchen Color Trends for 2019

Your Kitchen is the core of the home.  Friends and family members congregate here to cook and share meals together.  The colors and materials applied in the kitchen customarily set the mood for other spaces that are connected to it.

Sherwin Williams announced that the 2019 color of the year is Cavern Clay.  It can be used as an accent color with its warm organic tones.  Pantone’s color of 2019 is Living Coral.  It’s another return to the Earth with organic warm colors.

SW 7701 (290-C6)

Here are the Sherwin Williams 2019 kitchen trends for colors:  Organic/natural colors, Muddy Blue, Burnt Orange, Dark Brown, Dark Grey, and Black.  These colors can be used to accent a single wall to add a bold pop of color or to highlight subtle hints of color in your cabinetry or countertop.  These colors can also be added with artwork or small decorative items.

Warming Trends

Warmer neutrals, rich and bold hues and nature-inspired colors, are on the cutting-edge, natural, and lively.  Interiors with more color, varied shapes and patterns, warmer tones paired with wood tones, more pattern, and strong hues are bold but nuanced. An example would be Hunter Green, Coral, Teal, Pink, and Mustard Yellow.  White is a core color.  Warm white is trending and works well with Navy, Charcoal, and Dark Green (for millwork and cabinetry).  Gray will be warmer with Brown, (sepia-type brown adds a vintage edge), warm walnut, mid-toned woods, and rift oak. On the other hand, white oak is a very neutral, organic look in the island or accented somewhere else.  Wood tones are weathered and light, but distressed while barn wood brings out a raw edge or live-edge look.

Bright and Beautiful Colors

One of the desires of white, gray and natural wood is their competence to support brighter hues.  Bright yellow is the current color of Generation Z; energetic, fearless and always fresh, like old English country kitchens.  Bold color choices moving into the sunset range of hues include deep brick reds, terracotta oranges, and golden yellows.  Lively, clean reds are perfect for kitchens because they awaken the appetite.  Dark classic colors include blacks, charcoal, navy blue, and deep dark greens.  Green is a companion of life and growth; it is organic and natural, from lighter yellow to darker greens.

Written by
Sheila McIlvain