Kitchen Remodeling: 2 Bullet Tips For Ultimate Organization

A clutter-free kitchen is every homeowner’s dream. However, it is undoubtedly not easy to achieve, especially for family kitchens. Careful attention to details and maybe an “obsessive-compulsive” personality will come quite in handy.

What is the major key to keep a space pleasant and completely organized? Well, the answer is a common knowledge–storage is the best solution after all. Yet, even though you have kitchen cabinets, it is still crucial to evaluate if it offers adequate room for all the kitchen tools and stuff you need to keep in there. Also, you have to make certain that it doesn’t take too much area and make your kitchen restricted.

Thus, here are three quick tips to attain ultimate organization in your kitchen:

1. Utilize kitchen storage zones

Where do you usually locate cabinets in the kitchen? If you can notice, you can usually spot them around the refrigerator, the sink area, or both sides of the oven area. This is because these are just three of the several so-called “kitchen storage zones.”

These zones are near the key areas where most of the work in the kitchen happen in order to easily access the tools and other stuff necessary for a certain activity. Moreover, the layout will help minimize traffic in your kitchen.

Don’t you think it is very much convenient to grab dry-goods from a cabinet beside your refrigerator and get frozen ingredients for cooking at once? It’ll surely save you time. For the sinks, it is the most stressed among all the parts as it is the most used. Its uses are quite obvious. When you cook, you wash the ingredients and the tools before and after using them. You wash your hands before and after eating. It is where you wash your dishes and dry them. Thus, a cabinet or a drawer under your sink is already an initiative.

You use a lot of utensils when cooking and need to add seasoning from time to time. You can definitely place a drawer for the spoons, turners, spatulas, ladles, and tongs and a cabinet below for the salt, pepper, and other spices.

2. Order inside your storage

Kitchen cabinets are the organization itself, but you have to manage orderliness in it to maximize space.

The first step is to separate items and store them accordingly. Keep kitchen utensils and cooking pieces near the preparation area. It is best to place a rack for your coffee or tea routine together with the mugs and needed flavors near the water source. You can either place your plates and other glasswares in a cabinet beside the refrigerator or near the sink.

Since you have to organize things inside your cabinets, you have to invest in some durable clear containers to neatly store items individually and avoid scattering the mixes and powders.

For items that you rarely use, you can store them in one large box and place it in a not-so-accessible part of a cabinet.

It might be a little surprising that planning the layout of your cabinets is a meticulous task. Doing it wrong might ruin the harmony in your kitchen. Thus, it is mostly preferred to work on it with the lead of an expert kitchen remodeling.

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