The Guide to Kitchen Lighting for Your Kitchen Renovation

In every kitchen, having good lighting is very important, especially if you’re the type that likes cooking dinner for the family. Have you thought of the perfect lighting fixture for your contemporary kitchen when planning your kitchen renovation project?

Know that light fixtures should not be randomly placed in your kitchen space. It should be installed in places where you do your work, such as cooking, washing the dishes, and the likes. Your kitchen should have three types of light fixtures: the ambient, task, and accent.

Ambient Lighting

This is the main source of light in the kitchen and fills in the spaces where it lacks lighting. Make sure that that it illuminates the kitchen evenly from your ceiling. Ambient lighting is possible with pendant lights, chandeliers, flush mounts, and recessed lighting.

Task Lighting

This type of lighting offers illumination to areas in the kitchen where the shadows set by the ambient light are cast. These task lighting fixtures can be added in work surfaces and cabinetry, so you can safely prepare meals and do other tasks in the kitchen. The usual kitchen task lighting fixtures used are strip lights and puck lights.

Accent Lighting

If there are accents in your home that you want to emphasize, you can install accent lighting. Your ambient or task lighting can also be considered your accent lighting.

So What Should You Consider When Installing Light Fixtures for Your Kitchen Renovation?

Add Lighting to Important Areas in Your Kitchen

As mentioned before, your light fixtures should be installed in places where you do your daily tasks. Hence, make sure to add lighting over your kitchen island, stove, sink, and cabinetry. That way, you can easily find kitchen items you are looking for, cook your meals and wash your dishes safely, as well as do other menial tasks like listing down your grocery items the next day, budgeting, and the likes.

Make Sure to Have Ambient Lighting That Effectively Illuminates Your Kitchen

Your ambient lighting is the most important light fixture out of them all. This should be brighter and higher so that it fills the areas of your kitchen with light. Not only that, make sure it’s the type of lighting that adds warmth and depth to your kitchen space.

Showcase the Beauty of Your Kitchen by Emphasizing Its Accents

When your place has undergone a kitchen renovation, of course, you’d want to show the ornaments and key elements of the space that makes it beautiful. Hence, you can use recessed lighting, toe-kick lights, or over cabinet lights to accent the whole decor of your kitchen interiors.

Make Sure the Lights Have the Right Intensity for Your Kitchen

An overwhelmingly bright kitchen is just as dangerous as an overly dim kitchen. You must make sure that bulb wattage of your kitchen lights should not be too glaring for any individual that walks into your kitchen. You can ask help from the professional who can help you with your kitchen renovation project.

So have you thought about how you want your new kitchen to look? Alexandria Kitchen & Bath Studio has professionals who can help you determine the right design and lighting for your kitchen so that you can showcase its beauty from morning until night time.

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