What Does Oxon Hill, Maryland, USA Offers?

What comes to mind when choosing the best place for a vacation?

Is it the fun? Is it the entertainment? Is it the relaxation? Is it the history? Well, there’s one place where you get to experience all of it.

Go south of Prince Georges County, Maryland and you will find the small but incredible census-designated community of Oxon Hill.

What makes Oxon Hill one of the ideal places for a worth-it and memorable getaway? Here’s a short list for you:

1. National Harbor
Every kind of fun you’re looking for is in National Harbor which is located on Waterfront Street, Oxon Hill.


The wide array of dining choices in National Harbor is specially put up for the various palates of people. In fact, they have over 40 dining spots, including casual dining, dining and entertainment, fine dining, waterfront dining, and specialty food and beverage.


Are you the minimalist type of traveler? Well, you can pack light when going to Oxon Hill because you can just purchase some necessary stuff in the shopping area of National Harbor.

You can find numerous stores including clothing and apparel, jewelry and accessories, gifts and home goods, personal care and services, shoes, etc.


Want to know something exciting? National Harbor is your perfect venue for family fun, date night, leisure travel, and even business travelling. You can be carefree and just seize every beautiful moment while enjoying the scenic waterfront view, cinema, live music, arts, etc.


Don’t miss getting a good look of the different works of art in National Harbor. To name a few, here are some of them:

Don’t panic when you see a giant protruding from the ground when strolling along the waterfront of National Harbor. It’s just the impressive sculpture “The Awakening” by J. Seward Johnson.

Let a brilliant abstract sculpture welcome you in National Harbor. As you enter, you’ll immediately spot the abstract work “The Beckoning” by Albert Paley. Visit Oxon Hill National Harbor. See more art displays and learn more about the beautiful meaning of each artwork.

2. Capital Wheel
The Capital Wheel is actually situated within the National Harbor. If you want to see a panoramic view, ride the wheel and go 180 feet above the Potomac River. You’ll get the chance to view some of the remarkable spots at bird’s eye view such as the City of Alexandria, Washington Monument, and Prince George’s County.

3. Adventures at National Harbor

As National Harbor is located waterfront, it is only natural to expect water activities. Well, boating, and yacht tours and cruises are definitely present.

You can go boating and rent a pedal boat, kayak, paddle board, and life jacket. There’s even an evening kayak tour. If you want to have a good view of the National Harbor from another perspective–from the water–book a yacht tour or cruise.

Oxon Hill still has a lot to offer that words are not enough to define all of them. You have to see it for yourself and just be prepared for surprises.

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