Get Physical While Your On a Vacation In Reston,Virginia

Going out of town can sometimes lead you to going out of shape. There will be times when the important exercise routines fly out of the window. You know why? Because for most individuals going on a vacation is escaping your regular schedule and this includes what? Your responsibilities of staying fit. So, if your going for a quick getaway in Reston, Virginia, be sure to pack these items: sunscreen, proper workout shoes, athletic gear,and a raincoat.

Vacation time is the perfect time to branch out of your comfort zone and be more adventurous! Many destinations offer great hiking trails, kayaking, surfing, or white water rafting. Rent a bike at a nearby shop or try rock climbing. No matter your vacation destination, there will always be outdoor or recreational activities to keep you active and fuel your wild side! Check out these areas below for a quick exercise routine.

Reston Community Center

Ask anyone who is living or has lived in Reston,Virginia and they will tell you the same thing – living in Reston is like living in a park. It’s because there are more than a thousand acres of open space and a wide variety of facilities for fitness especially in the Reston Community Center.

The community center’s pool has just undergone renovation and now has two pools to serve their patrons of all ages. By the way,the staff continuously conducts an exciting line-up of top notch programs and events for all ages. From nature programs and summer camps to dive-in movies and festivals, there is something fun for everyone — including those who may work in the community. Many activities are free while others require reservations and have fees.

Lake Fairfax Park

Another popular spot for activities in Reston,Virginia is Lake Fairfax Park. If you’re going for a quick weekend trip then you’re in luck. The post-weekdays usually bring in a lot of goings-on and you can use the park as your gym.

Lake Fairfax Park has a diverse recreation system: biking, hiking, and skating. Having nature as an addition to your exercise helps the activity more fun and effective. Remember, if you exercising outdoors it provides the same physical benefits of indoor exercise (blood flow, improved cardiovascular health, improved strength, flexibility, endurance, etc.) and can also provide you with vital exposure to sunlight that increases important levels of vitamin D, unlike indoor exercise.

By the way, during warmer months, the park has a popular waterpark nearby the lake and it has a carousel, pontoon tour, and paddle boats. If you’re bringing kids along, they’ll surely enjoy the area!

Washington and Old Dominion Railroad

Who doesn’t love nature,right? The wonderful thing done by the people who maintain this park in Reston, Virginia is that they placed goats on specific areas to clear the bike trails. Now, that what you call nature doing its job. However, you will be advised to start at the west portion of Washington & Old Dominion trail, as there is less traffic. What you will surely love as you peddle is that it will mostly be flats and short up hills while being shaded the entire way of the ride. Nevertheless, stay hydrated. You just need to dress properly for the season.

Getting away from reality is good for the soul, and getting away from the usual workout routine is good for the body. However, a vacation can be the perfect time to exercise. By freeing yourself from your routine, you open your mind to new ways to move your body, have fun and keep your body fit while you’re on vacation. Choosing any of these fitness hotspots in your next Reston, Virginia vacation is a good way to maintain your cardio while still having fun.