Reasons To Visit Rosemont, Alexandria, VA

Alexandria, Virginia will always be one of the popular places in the United States with a very rich and remarkable history. One living and beautiful proof is the historic neighborhood of Rosemont. In fact, it was added as part of the National Register of Historic Places in 1992.

Thus, when you visit, you can expect to see early-twentieth century structures and Colonial Revival residential homes. Yet, this is not all!

What’s more interesting and convenient, is the accessibility of Rosemont when it comes to:

1. Shopping

Admit it or not, there are really things you forget or cause hassle to bring with you when travelling.

The good thing is, there are supermarkets near Rosemont–as in a walking distance kind of near. So, you don’t need to pack that much and just drop by on one of those shopping places for a quick purchase of some ingredients for your picnic menu, some hygiene products, and other things you would need all throughout your stay.

Convenient, right? There’s just one important thing you should make sure–bring enough cash or make certain your bank account is loaded.

2. Dining and entertainment

One of the must-try things when going to a new place, is to try the food and enjoy the good vibes. Well, Rosemont offers a wide array of dining experiences. It doesn’t matter what time of day you want to experience it because it will always be a memorable experience.

Do you want to seize every moment of your trip to Rosemont? You can definitely stay up all night with its evening entertainment. Does it require you to drive a lot more minutes? Absolutely, no! You won’t even break a sweat because you only need to walk a little to reach Old Town and Del Ray which offers great restaurants, pastry shops, cafes, fine dining places with live music playing in the background.

Are you up for nonstop fun and make the most out of your escape? Then, don’t miss out the amusement around Rosemont.

3. Recreation

Wherever in Alexandria you are, there’s always a park. So, what kind of park does Rosemont have?

Visit Hooff’s Run Park & Greenway! It’s the most ideal venue for a picnic with family, friends, or with your lover.

The park is equipped with a bright blue playground to set up a cool and relaxing scenery both for kids and adults. You can find a basketball court, school playgrounds, and churches.

Your beloved pet surely has a place in the park because there are two designated dog parks.

If you want to explore other parks, there’s Sunset Mini Park and Beach Park.

4. Nature

Taking photos have always been a must when exploring new places and the best way to record memories. You should know how to choose a photogenic spot. In this case, the streets of Rosemont which is perfectly lined with trees is highly recommended–especially during spring. The area has a beautiful set of maple, locust tree, and dogwood.

If you want to get a glimpse of Rosemont’s culture, you can always look online for upcoming events. You are always welcome to join their events such as outdoor movies during summer or their Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot.

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