Selecting The Right Bathroom Wall Cabinets

Bathroom wall cabinets can increase the effectiveness of space inside a bathroom. It doesn’t just conveniently add storage space for all those bathing accessories, bathroom wall cabinets importantly add aesthetics.

But how do you choose the right furniture that not only looks good but checks everything off your list of needs? Do you follow the trends or strike out on your own? You can continue reading below to help you find the cabinet that will make your bathroom your new favorite place in the house.

Know the right dimensions

Check the dimensions of the wall space to see what type of cabinet you have room for. Surface-mounted bathroom wall cabinets come in dimensions of 24″, 30″, 36″, 48″, 60″ and 72″ with a standard depth that is typically between 20″-21″.

Choose for function

It’s a good idea to think about who will use the bathroom wall cabinets. You choose should also take into consideration the number of people who are going to be using it, and the type of things they will be using it for. Don’t forget about the kinds of items that you will be stored in your bathroom wall cabinets. Will you be storing a huge number of accessories? Another practical idea is to allocate space for a mirror on the cabinet. You now have a vanity for washing, shaving, and applying make-up.

How about the size and shape?

The choice of size and shape of your cabinet also depends on how much space you have in your bathroom. Once you know the main purpose of your cabinet, and what you will store in it, you can begin to look at what shape and size it should be. If you need it to store lots of items, for instance, you’ll obviously need a larger cabinet with a decent amount of shelf space.

Analyze your preferred design and style

Your cabinets shouldn’t just be functional; they should also be decorative. After you’ve determined what you need your cabinets to be able to do, determine what style of cabinet you think would look perfect in your bathroom. It’s a good idea to make sure your choice has a design and finish that matches the room’s other fixtures and fittings. What are your preferences? Do you want to install a cabinet that can easily be cleaned? What about the colors? Do you like wood that is dark or light? Will you prefer a cabinet that is simple or one with ornate finishes?

Discover all the possibilities

Once you’ve already made a checklist for your bathroom wall cabinets, then it’s time to hit the stores. It’s also worth considering that you check out specialty shops and even garage sales. You can find numerous gold mines especially if you’re on a tight budget. You’ll be in for a surprise if you find something that is not offered in most stores.

Bathrooms come in second to kitchens as places where considerable attention is given to layouts and finishes, and size doesn’t limit the quality of their design. Being able to understand all the questions like these can help influence your eventual choice of cabinet. This can narrow down your search and make it easier to find the type of bathroom wall cabinets that’s best for you.