Space Saving Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Let’s go vertical with your do-it-yourself bathroom renovation ideas! Planning is the most important aspect of fitting out a bathroom. To optimize your space, you need to have a crystal clear idea on how you will do your small bathroom renovation. Remember you are occupying little space here – you need to enable all the available space to be used economically.

Go for a wall system hanging organizer

The best way to create storage in an incredibly small bathroom is to make every inch of your bathroom wall serviceable. Use pine wood and iron piping as your shelves. You can hang these on a curtain rod by using nooks. If the walls of your bathroom is either white or grey – go for a distressed color on your organizer. This bathroom renovation ideas is perfect for towels, tissues papers, and other bathroom necessities.

Look beyond what you can see

Organizers need not to be always on display. If you don’t want to fill your entire bathroom wall with furniture then use the back of your cabinet doors. All you have to do is attach space-saving bins on the door with nails and keep your blow dryer, flat iron, brushes, nail clips and other bath items there.

Use hand-woven baskets

Another resourceful idea for your small bathroom renovation is using shelving baskets. By using nooks you now have a hanging organizer out of these nature-friendly baskets. All you need for the finished product is to customized the handles of the baskets so you can attach them to the nooks. Prepare around 2 to 3 of these items and you now have a storage for your towels, toilet paper, and other bathing items.

Who says you can’t use old jars

Use old mason jars to hold your makeup brushes. An easy way to add some vintage style to your bathroom. You can also turn a mason jar into a stylish soap dispenser with tons of rustic charm! It’s a pretty simple process, and you probably already have everything you need for it.

Use space above the doorway for storage

The next time you are in your bathroom observe how much vertical space in your bathroom isn’t being used. Typically, the space above a doorway is vacant. You can incorporate one of the shelving baskets to house your soaps and scrubs. If you aren’t concerned about décor, use the shelf for storing extra toilet paper and cleaners to free up valuable storage area below the sink

For a space that is tiny – the bathroom surely has a lot of things that will need to happen. Now, you don’t want to be reminded on how you will fit all of your make-up,hair care tools, medicine and more in a very cramped vanity space. But with what you have just read, you can use them to transform your space into a genius bathroom renovation product. Now, you have created storage and spots which you probably never thought about before. With this way, you can easily locate your nail polish and flat iron without a hassle!

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