Things You Shouldn’t Miss in Falls Church, VA

Keep making memories! The best way to do it is to visit special places alone or together with your loved ones.

Go to Falls Church in Virginia! If you’re thinking of soul-searching, it’s the place to be. Or if you’re planning for a next getaway with the whole gang, the whole family, or for your organization’s team building, it’s still the place to be.

What’s waiting for you in Falls Church? To make it short, there’s a blast from the past and nature shower. It may sound simple, but there are surprises behind.

So, in case you want to experience the remarkable and exciting Falls Church community, here are the things, places, and activities you should not and must not miss:

1. Cherry Hill Farmhouse

Unveil the colorful history of Falls Church. One spot that will bring to its past and is deeply loved by both locals and visitors is the Cherry Hill Farmhouse.

In fact, the Cherry Hill Farmhouse is included on the list of National Register of Historic Places as a historic family farm. It is under the authority of the Recreation & Parks Division of Falls Church City.

Just keep in mind that you have to reserve in advance for a guided tour. This is their main protocol, so you can access the house and the barn.

The spot is open for private tours. There are educational programs where children are given the chance to see and learn about 19th century machines and some farming tools. They also cater private events such as weddings, birthday parties, small group celebrations, corporate events, etc.

2. The Falls Church Episcopal

The Falls Church Episcopal is truly a remarkable historical landmark of Falls Church. Why? It is where the place takes its name.

The Falls Church Episcopal is actually a faith community which offers various ministries including youth programs, music programs, spiritual growth, and community outreach activities. There are also specific programs for children, teens and adults. You might want to visit the place and see where it all began!

3. Benjamin Banneker Park

After living in the previous story of Falls Church, you can refresh yourself in a total bliss of nature. It would just take you a quick drive to get to Benjamin Banneker Park.

The park lies on an 11-acre of land. It would be a perfect inclusion in your family’s trip because there are picnic tables and charcoal grills available. For your little kids and teens, there’s a playground, a multi-purpose field (good for some sports activities). There’s also a dog park designated for your adorable pet and a stream for relaxation.

The park is open for events such as birthday parties. Just make sure to notify the management beforehand. Moreover, be aware of the park’s rules and regulations. You surely don’t want to ruin a memorable getaway.

Pack all your stuff and get ready to make a bunch of memories in the memorable community of Falls Church.

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