Tysons, Virginia: A Small But Unassuming Urbanized Community

Tysons, Virginia is an urban center with a population of more than 100,000 people present during normal business hours. This means that Tysons, Virginia has a continuous flow of people that work at the multiple corporate offices. It’s because the community has become a leisure destination for shoppers and travelers. Thanks to a flourishing commercial expansion that boasts of abundant shopping destinations, meeting venues, hotels, and other attractions of a business hub.

Surprisingly, a lot of big names have made their corporate nests in Tysons, Virginia.These internationally recognized companies have stayed true to the small cities and towns in which they were founded, and have helped their home based communities evolve, bringing job opportunities and talent and fueling growth. USA Today, Capital One, Hilton Worldwide,and Primus Telecom are just a few names that have rooted their headquarters in Tysons,Virginia.

Do you want to explore what things you can do on your next trip to Tysons,Virginia?

Shop til you drop

Tyson, Virginia has a beautiful downtown area with lovely shops and fine dining that will knock your socks off. Are you just swinging your way through or stopping for a few nights? Whatever your choice will be, there is a huge collection of boutiques for clothing, accessories, gifts and antiques. You can check-out the latest blazers at Saint Laurent or woven handbags at Bottega Veneta. Yes, things have come full circle in this community as the amenities of Tyson,Virginia have already expanded.

Feel like buying some souvenirs? Find a good guide to show you the loveliest souvenir shops within the community of Tysons, Virginia. In between shopping stops, ask them what you need to know about the city’s lifestyle. They will surely point you out to the must-see attractions along the way.

Where to eat in Tysons, Virginia?

Cava Grill

Are you looking for a healthy and delicious option that you may be missing out at Tysons, Virginia? Cava Grill is Greek restaurant that has menu items for your consideration. From a luscious offering of pitas,lentils,falafels, and lamb meatballs – Cava Grill has it all!

Coastal Flats

Tysons, Virginia’s Coastal Flats served much-loved seafood straight from the source. If you’re looking for a big seafood action in the area, then is the only place to be. They have an extensive list of specials such as Crispy Sweet & Spicy Point Judith Calamari tossed with thin beans and pepper jelly and Sauteed Shrimp & Creamy Grit Cake with Smithfield ham, roasted corn, asparagus, peppers, sweet onion & cajun cream. This island setting joint also serves assorted kinds of bourbon, local brews and beers.

Tysons, Virginia is a photographer’s haven

Small is the new big when it comes to photography in Tysons, Virginia. Throughout the year, The Plaza is home to exceptional events including concerts and holiday & cultural festivities, plus ongoing activities for children and adults alike. Point! Click! Post!

Even if you’re visiting a metropolis – you deserve to unwind and just think of doing the next leisure activity. Enjoy your visit at Tysons, Virginia!