Door Styles

The fundamental building block of cabinetry design, Wood-Mode offers over 200 different door styles, from traditional to contemporary. Here we share a selection of our most popular doors to inspire your imagination. Your Wood-Mode trained designer will create your perfect combination of door styles, wood species and finishes.

Inset doors

Traditional English cabinetry was crafted in this elegant manner, where the cabinet doors and drawers sit precisely within the frame. Our cabinet frame openings are offered with a crisp edge profile or a delicate bead.

Overlay doors

Originally a European influence, covering the entire cabinet front with the door has become a leading look in American traditional styles and is essential to contemporary design. For certain period styles, Wood-Mode offers select doors that only partially overlay the cabinet face.

Specialty Doors

While not used throughout the entire kitchen, a specialty accent door incorporates various glass, rattan, exotic or inlay veneers to define a focal point such as an island, armoire, hutch or a unique furniture piece created just for you.