Wood-Mode uses time-tested furniture finishing techniques to create an incredible variety of looks tailored to any home. Whether it is a solid color or grain-enhancing stain, our multi-step process highlights the beauty of the wood, while a catalyzed oven-baked topcoat protects the finish for a lifetime of beauty and durability.

Stain Finishes

Stain finishes are designed to show off the unique patterns of the wood grain. By wetting the wood to raise the grain before hand-staining each piece, Wood-Mode produces rich colors that enhance the wood’s natural beauty, while glazing and physical distressing options create a distinctive patina.

Opaque Finishes

Select a solid opaque color, then enhance it with glaze and distress it for a more custom look. Our opaque finishes receive high-quality sealer, primer and catalyzed color coats to ensure beauty and lifetime durability. Extensive hand-sanding is performed between each catalyzed color coat, ensuring a satin smooth surface.

Designer Color Palette

Find a color that highlights your expressive personality and stands the test of time. Our designer color palette offers a variety of subtle yet striking hues to match the most demanding design aesthetic. Available in several finish treatments, they allow you to make a bold statement with classic colors, complete with a high-end and custom feel.

Distressed Finishes

Time and use give furniture a distinctive look. Wood-Mode adds a variety of techniques to our quality stain and opaque finishes to recreate the signs of aging. Whether it’s the soft patina of a well cared for heirloom or the wear marks of generations of heavy use, Wood-Mode can create the distressed finish you have in mind.

Custom Finishes

At Wood-Mode we realize that although we strive to offer a wide selection of finish options, there will inevitably be times when our colors are not quite right for your project. For that reason we offer a custom color matching process to help you get exactly the color you need. Whether the color is on a piece of wallpaper, a coffee mug or a section of your grandfather’s barn floor, if it is what makes your project come together, we want to make it happen.