Inventive Storage Ideas for Your Urban Industrial Bathroom Design

Having an urban industrial design is usually associated with masculine spaces. However, nowadays, it can be incorporated in any space, even family homes. This type of bathroom design is a mix of modern and minimalistic, vintage, and rustic styles.

There are so many you can go about your storage space when planning to fo for an urban industrial style bathroom. For instance, you can have metallic bathroom cabinets or wooden or dark open storage for your bathroom vanity. Anything that would fit your concrete backsplash or if you don’t like the dark vibe the walls give off, you can go for white tiles or black and white color schemes. The options are varied. Hence, we provide you insights and inspiration for your urban industrial bathroom’s storage.

Metal Cabinets

Metal cabinets would go great with the industrial urban look you want for your bathroom space. When choosing the right metal bathroom cabinet for your bathroom, take into consideration the size, color, and type of material its made of.

Have one that is in contrast with your concrete or grey marbled backsplash. You can add in colors of brown through baskets you can place your towels or used clothing in. Also, know what type of metal its made of since there are metal cabinets that can be affected by water damage and won’t last long in your bathroom. Seek help from a professional to know which type of metal cabinet would go well with your industrial style bathroom.

Wooden Cabinets

Using wooden cabinets will provide the rustic urban vibe you’re going for. Dark wooden bathroom cabinets with metal handles give contrast to an all-white tiled room. Along with other fixtures with a dark color scheme, it puts together the urban industrial style you want to achieve in your bathroom space.

Open Storage

Open shelving using either wood or metal fixtures for your industrial bathroom not only adds in space, but it also complements the overall look. If you want to organize your bathroom items, you can use metal or wooden baskets, whichever fits the style of the fixture.

Metal and Wood Mix

A mix of both metal and wooden elements in your bathroom cabinet adds to the industrial design you want for your bathroom space. It provides both the rustic and minimalistic style that’s featured in an urban industrial bathroom. It goes well with a marbled backsplash or that would contrast the color scheme of your bathroom cabinet.

There are many styles of bathroom cabinets you can incorporate in your urban industrial style bathroom. However, know that quality and function should be a great consideration in finding the perfect bathroom storage. Replacements can be costly, so you should find one that’s durable enough to last you for years to come.

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