Bathroom Wall Cabinets in Alexandria,VA

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There’s something about small cities that makes one’s imaginations catch fire. Maybe it’s the delightful main streets lined with historic structures, now replaced with craft shops and cozy family-owned breakfast eateries, or the winding rivers that zigzag downtown centers and majestic mountains that rise in the not-too-far distance, presenting access to a world of activity. Alexandria, Virginia is that kind of a small city with one-of-a-kind museums, attractions, and celebrations that are proud to show the pride of their hometown. Alexandria is just 5 miles from Washington, D.C. and in this historic city you’ll hear the names of the Colonial forefathers such as Madison, Washington and Jefferson mentioned all over the place.

Alexandria Kitchen and Bath Studio is a unique kitchen and bathroom design and quality remodeling company. We serve Alexandria, Virginia and its surrounding metropolitan areas; we carry out remodeling consultations with clients to make them realize their home improvement needs. We also bring about all aspects of the ongoing development and bring faultless outcomes.

Our Values Involves Our Clients

Our customers easily find us because we’re at the heart of the city. The name is itself an instant brand identity and brings about a customer service focus in Alexandria,Virginia. This is because we listen with the determination to understand what is being said and acknowledged. Due to this, Alexandria Kitchen and Bath can respond in a timely fashion. We keep all our operations in a manner which we are able to keep. In our continuing attempt to meet our customer’s needs in every situation that we are given.


We have courteous and friendly professionals that know that attractive bathroom wall cabinets can make a bathroom like home – but there are many other components that you need to make your space both functional and eye-pleasing.

All projects begin with an initial consultation in our Alexandria,Virginia office. Your visit will make us understand the scope of the project and ultimately provide a detailed estimate and timeline. We explore new and innovative products, all while ensuring that the highest quality materials are used.

Are you looking to remodel or renovate your bathroom wall cabinets? Alexandria Kitchen and Bath will build your project from scratch, this means you have an endless option for customization. We’re happy to make a replica in different styles and colors so you can have a visual of what the finished bathroom wall cabinets will look like.

Your bathroom and everything in it, including the cabinets, should provide you a sense of peace, purpose and organization allowing you to prepare for your busy day. Bathroom wall cabinets are an important asset that makes the room both stylish and functional. A well-designed layout could renovate your bathroom from a disorderly, overcrowded space into a beautifully functional bathroom that looks great for years to come.

Immediately take advantage of our remodeling services for your bathroom wall cabinets in Alexandria VA. To have a trouble-free project; call the experts at our office (703) 549-1415. We look forward to be working with you.

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