Bathroom Remodel

Belle Haven Master Bathroom Remodel

The bathroom remodeling project in the exclusive community of Belle Haven is one of the best projects we take pride in.


Our client had a master bathroom separated into two rooms. One room had a very large bathtub in a tiled deck and two sink vanity areas. The other room housed the toilet and shower and had a door that led to a separate small bedroom.

Problem Statement

The customer wanted to close in the walls between the two rooms and have two separate full bathrooms. One full bathroom to the small bedroom and one larger full bathroom with separate tub and shower in the master bathroom.

Our Recommendation

We included in the plan the addition of a new toilet in the master bathroom and connect it to the existing waste stack since their home was built in the 1930’s.

Actions Taken

After closing the wall between the two rooms, we completed one full bathroom for each with the client’s preferred fixtures, ambience and accessories.   We also repaired the bathtub and plumbing since it was in a terrible mess and caused leaks all over the ceiling downstairs.   The master bathroom that adjoins the master bedroom now has all new tiles, new freestanding bath, large shower, new toilet and new vanity cabinet plus extra linen storage. They now have a beautiful, functional master bathroom.   Furthermore, the hall bath has its own separate entry to a full remodeled bathroom of its own.

Before & After


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