Kitchen Remodel

Gray Splash Kitchen

The Gray Splash Kitchen project mainly involved a condominium kitchen remodel. This is quite challenging considering the limited space, and the connected wiring and plumbings of all the units.

Problem Statement

The client wanted to have a more spacious cooking space. Being in a condo, the attempt to move a sink or other systems is restricted because the plumbing drains and supply lines are stacked or connect to those units above and below the building. Moreover, the exhaust vent hood in the kitchen is channeled to outside through a building exhaust that all the other units in the tier are connected to as well.


The other dilemma was the old cabinets that are almost falling apart and do not provide enough storage because they were only 30″ high wall cabinets with a wasted space above them. There was an existing very large hood that stuck down in their way when cooking.

Our Recommendation

Thankfully, they were open to solutions that made the kitchen flow better into the rest of the apartment and provided maximum countertop space and storage. And since the two building chases within the kitchen could not be taken out, we decided to work around it.

Actions Taken

We closed off a doorway from the front entry into the kitchen which was to the left of the refrigerator. We turned the existing pass-thru into a pair of French glass doors opening into the living room which allowed more light into the kitchen and also gave the ability to close it off when desired.


The space in the kitchen was crowded by the peninsula that jutted out into the walkway. So the peninsula was removed and the new cooktop and hood were put directly against the wall that connected to the buildings chase for the exhaust vent.


In order to increase space for the pantry storage, we removed a pair of closet doors with a shallow closet to the left of the existing oven cabinet. The plan really opened up the floor plan, provided more countertop and now the cabinets go up to ceiling maximizing storage.

Before & After


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