Kitchen Remodel

Transitional Kitchen Combo

The Transitional Kitchen Combo remodel project is quite a huge one since the client wanted to open up the space which means we have to take down a wall. We really took our time to pay to some details such as the flooring.

Problem Statement

The wall that we have to remove had air/heat vents and ductwork attached to it. On the kitchen side, there were a closet and oven built into the drywall that all came out.   The gas cooktop was on a very tiny peninsula and there was only about 18″ of space between it and the sink, so no room to work around it.

Our Recommendation

The space really needs to be extended to bring in more space. So we proposed to open up the kitchen to the dining room by removing the wall that separated them, and just change the flooring materials since the spaces had different ones.

Actions Taken

This project had a wall removed between the kitchen and dining room. We changed the kitchen vinyl floors into new wood floors toothed into the existing wood floors of the dining room, then all floors were refinished.   We relocated the air/heat vents and ductwork that was attached to the removed wall, as well as a closet and an oven built into the drywall on the kitchen side.   The after photo is the white cabinets with island in wood stain.   We moved the gas cooktop that was located on a tiny peninsula, and now the pro range and hood are a nice focal point and there is plenty of countertop space and storage around it.   Now, there are lots of room to work around the new island sink location with three seatings. The room is large and bright, but gives a warm feeling. There is a lot more countertop space and storage area. The client actually loves the transformation and are very happy with their new kitchen.

Before & After


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